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Church Contribution E-Book

This e-book was designed to help staff and volunteers understand the importance of recording contributions of various different types (eg. non-cash vs. cash). Understanding the various methods of giving can help a church generate income when financial times are tough and provide donors the right documentation for their tax returns. Additionally, it helps the church and donors so neither face implications for accepting the donations incorrectly.

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Once you have read this e-book, you will better understand
  • how to increase and build trusting relationships with your donors.
  • what giving options (eg. online, mobile, etc.) churches may choose to make available to their donors.
  • general requirements of contribution reporting for donors and the church.
  • how non-cash donations are properly input into a contribution system.
  • how vehicles can qualify as tax-deductable donations to the church and how to record them properly.
  • recording charitable contributions from IRAs and stocks.
  • what features churches should look for to find the right software solutions for them.

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Also available in EPUB and Kindle.

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