A Special Invitation for Revelations Customers

Try IconCMO church management software for free.

Just like Revelations, IconCMO allows you to manage membership data, print reports and labels, and record donations and issue contribution statements. You also get:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to your account
  • The ability to emails and text messages directly from the system
  • The option to email or print contribution statements
  • Member access to a self-service module
  • Integrated fund accounting system
  • Automatic backups and updates - and more!

Skeptical about moving your church software to “the cloud”? We take security very seriously. Here is an outline of the security precautions Icon Systems has implemented for its web-based church management software.

Since you’re an existing Revelations customer, we’ll give you a first year special of only $250. That includes everything you’ll need: converting your membership and contributions information from Revelations, support, and training. Because Quickbooks and other accounting software doesn’t do true fund accounting, we can’t import your accounting transactions. What you do is take a trial balance from Quickbooks and enter those as your starting balances in the new system. We have step-by-step guides and videos to walk you through the process.

Pricing after that would be based on your household count. The pricing breakdown is on our website at https://www.iconcmo.com/pricing/ . We recommend taking some time in that first year to archive any households you don’t need to send emails, mailings, or anything like that to. So for example, anyone who’s deceased, moved away, or people who visited once and didn’t return. You’ll still have access to their information for historical purposes, but they won’t count towards your billing household count or show on any of your reports or communications.

We’d like to invite you to sign up for a free 14-day trial of IconCMO. There’s no credit card required, no strings attached - just a way for you to get in and take the system for a test drive.