Icon Check-in Church Software

Streamline your church's check-in process with an online check-in system crafted from cutting edge web technologies. Our developers have meticulously designed Icon Check-in to be fast, easy to use, affordable and safe.

Check-in Safety

When you take children into your care, you take on an enormous responsibility.

You need to have readily available parental/emergency contact information. You need to know if a child requires special considerations, such as allergies or medical needs. And you have to make sure each child leaves with a trusted person.

Icon Check-in gives you the tools to look up and print reports for

  • each child's information, including allergies or other concerns, when they are checked in and out, and by whom.
  • each child's guardians, including contact information,
  • photo identification to ensure safe and secure check-out.

Check-in Made Easy

With Icon Check-in, you can intuitively accomplish many tasks with a few clicks. No confusion. No drilling down through menus. No expensive hardware.

  • Use any computer or smart device. Our responsive design is completely mobile friendly.
  • Give parents the capability of checking in their own children with our self check-in interface.
  • Print name tags and labels from anywhere in the church through our integration with Brother label printers. See our case study from the Brother website.

ICONtinuous™ Technology

Icon Check-in is built on the continuously updating Rubix platform. That means that as you make changes to the system (checking people in and out, changing a phone number, and so on), the database is updating data in real time.

Why is that important?

  • Whatever you see in any part of the system is completely up to date. If you see 15 kids checked in to an event, you can trust that there are 15 kids checked in, and that it won't change to 23 if you refresh the page.
  • It's fast. There are almost no save buttons; once you type it or click it, it's saved.
  • You won't lose your work because you forget to click save or there's a conflict with someone else using the system.

Add Icon Check-in to Your Church Management Software

Icon Check-in integrates as an add-on to IconCMO.

Find out more about IconCMO and our other products, services and pricing on our products page.

Try it out for free! Icon Check-in comes as part of your free 30-day trial of IconCMO.