Parishioner's Web Access

Allow members to access and edit their own information, review their contribution records and visit an online directory.

The Parishioner’s Module enables church members to log into a secure website to verify and update their personal information, view their giving patterns and print their own contribution statements. This leads to greater reliability of information as congregational members monitor their own profiles. The church database administrator can view changes made by the congregation by simply running a report.

  • Each household is given a unique 8-digit user name and password similar to what a bank or brokerage firm gives to their customers.
  • Church staff can simply send reminders to the congregation, asking them to login and review their personal profiles. This will ensure that giving information, mailing addresses and contact information is correct and that special events information such as birthdays, communions, confirmation, graduations, baptisms, etc. are complete.
  • The database manager can define who has Read-Only, Read-Write or No-Access.
  • Church members can also print their own contribution statements at any time, saving the church time in preparing the mailing and the cost of postage.

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