Church Membership


Know Your People

Know their important contact information, family relations, notes, and small groups.


Remember Life Events

Record life events such as birthdays, baptisms, marriages, etc.


Manage Church Small Groups

Communicate with and take attendance for church groups such as choir, ushers, committees, and education classes.


Track Spiritual Gifts

Easily organize church member gifts and know who can help when various needs arise.


Church Attendance

Easily take attendance by individual photo for events.


Store Individual Demographics

The church can store member statuses, genders, adulthood/childhood, grade, relationships, and guardians—all in one screen.


Individual Pictures

Effortlessly add photos for each person using your mobile device or other source. Pictures are used during child check-in.


Individual and Family Notes

Enter and update notes for each individual or family on the same screen.

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Recent Rubix Announcements

We've expanded the IconCMO import to include the gender, status and relationship fields of member records.
The system would only allow numbers into the zip code for family addresses. We expanded this to validate both US and Canadian zip codes. The validation rules will remove any letters for US zip codes. For Canadian zip codes it will remove invalid letters like 'D' and others, and also ensure that it follows the letter-number format for all 6 characters of the family's address.
The state field in the address for church members, didn’t capitalize the data on input, thus there was mixture of lower and upper case letters in the field. Implemented a new component to handle the state field differently for the members’ addresses. This also required a data conversion for all church databases.
Initially the system was created with eight grades of school for children records. We have expanded this drop down for children records in the church databases to have K-12, College, and Pre-School. Because there was existing data and new configuration files added, a data conversion was completed for all church databases.
Some users were reporting a problem where pictures of church members would intermittently not upload. We were able to recreate this intermittent problem and applied the appropriate software fix.