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With access from anytime, anywhere church staff and volunteers can use any device that has an internet connection.


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Icon Rubix church software was implemented from day one to be completely mobile without any extra applications and set up. It will work on any device with an internet connection.

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Recent Rubix Announcements

Scrolling on the list views like church membership, church communications, church groups, and so on when using your mobile devices, should work better for you.

Lots of software updates today!

First, in recognition that we've expanded our feature set to more than just child check-in, we've renamed our product Icon Rubix, a next generation church management software tool that allows real-time collaborative editing (ie: like Google Docs), complete mobile platform for every module, and advance user interface (ie: no more annoying save buttons).

Second, we've added new reporting, communications, and donations modules in addition to the existing membership, groups, and events (Child Check In) modules. Some details:

  • Church Reports: We've added a new Report module with several reporting options in church membership and donations. (See the documentation and the screen itself for more information.) The ‘List Screens’ will continue to have the reporting ('Print') options. Additionally the attendance report for events (child check in) will remain where they are.
  • Church Communications: Send email to individuals or groups (or any combination!) on the communication screen. See the documentation for more information.
  • Church Donations: Record donors’ giving to your organization quickly and easily, print donation statements, and more! See the documentation for more information.

Finally, we have lots of plans and ideas to continue to improving Icon Rubix for churches. Please email us and let us know what you think!

Church communication is a necessity in mobile applications. The easier you can communicate with your congregation, the more ‘in touch’ you are with them. To help facilitate communications, we've added the capability to call directly from the application in the Individual and Event (Child Check In) screens. For child check in, church staff and volunteers can contact parents when needed. Another scenario is for pastors and leaders to communicate using the Individual screen when they are visiting their congregation or to do a quick follow up to a church member or visitor.
We've improved our navigation menu to be the same on the desktop and mobile devices: always a left-hand-side menu. Before this change the mobile menu was in the top right of the screen and on desktops it was on the left. Additionally, on a small screen, the main menu will automatically hide and can be accessed by the “hamburger menu” in the upper-left. This enhancement provides consistency across the mobile platform with other software applications and between users’ devices as the main menu is always in the same location.
We changed the way the title bar on the top of each screen functions so it would work better for mobile device users in the church. Instead of having several buttons, we made a drop down menu for the adding and deleting action of each card type (ie. individuals, household, events, groups, and so on). This condensed several similar functions into one area for the church user or staff.