Church Reporting



View and print a comprehensive selection of standard reports for members, birthdays, and contributions.



Print a directory for your church members at any time that includes address, phones, and emails.



Need to mail out a letter? No problem with the ability to print out labels for each household.

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Recent Rubix Announcements

We made all the reports use the same consistent naming convention for people's names. This also affected a few screens like the donation window to make the screen's verbiage read better.
We've changed the way the reports are requested from the server to ensure more browser support and the reports work better. This was completed in the 'list' screens, report's main screen, and on the child check in window for the report and labels. Additionally we found a few reports not sorting correctly and fixed them.
We moved the directory report outside of the 'Households' section in reports. A small change, yes, but it prepares us for some bigger reporting changes around the corner.
The Status Tally report and the household reports weren't generating under certain circumstances. We've added some code to handle these circumstances.
We've fixed all the reports in Rubix church management software so they no longer get blocked by the popup blocker on the browsers.