Church Contribution Funds

Create, manage, and apply contributions to any number of funds easily.


Print Contribution Statements

Print contribution statements using membership statuses and date ranges.


Contribution Historical Data

Retain unlimited contribution records for historical purposes and compare contribution funds.

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Recent Rubix Announcements

We have added the pledge module to the system. Pledges can be batched and are recommended to use.
We have added the ability for the donation screen to apply the donation to a pledge. This ensures donations are accurately accounted for against the pledge for reporting and contribution statements
We have released a new report to analyze pledges called the ‘Pledge Analysis Report’. It will list donor, fund, pledge total, pledge installment, date range of pledge, pledge frequency (Weekly, Monthly, As Able), donation total, pledge to date, and status. The status column will color code the percentage values for pledges that are valid. Other status codes are ‘Not Applicable’ for invalid pledge records, ‘Zero Given’ when there are no donations towards the pledge, or ‘Zero Pledged’ when there is no pledge for the donor.
Pledges have been added to the bottom of the contribution statements so donors know how well they are doing towards their commitments.

Donor Numbers

Module: Donations

We now have donor numbers to help you track your donors, especially if your donors use an envelope number system. You can create as many lists of donor numbers as you need. Each list has an effective (starting) date.

In the donation entry screen, you can then pick your donors based on either the donor's name or donor number.

Donor numbers are included on contributions statements, and there is a new report — Donor Number List — that shows you a list of all donors tho whom you've assigned a number.