Unlimited User Access

An unlimited number of users can access the data. Rubix church software supports simultaneous user operation and multiple window viewing and updating for users.


Multi Level with Data Layer User Access

Individual users are assigned Read-Write, Read Only, or No Access to each screen to ensure strict confidentiality. Additionally certain modules have dependencies on access to others.



Icon Systems takes system security seriously. We keep your data safe by using secure, up-to-date data transmission and storage methods included with the system.

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Recent Rubix Announcements

Users will no longer have to logout and login after their security access is updated. Changes are applied immediately in real-time!

Account Status

Module: System
You can now find out your account’s expiry date (and other information about your subscription) from the Organization->Information screen. You'll also get a warning on log in when your account is about to expire.

Rubix Online Order

Module: System
We have added the option to order Icon Rubix online. To place your order, simply select Order from the menu, then fill in your subscription and billing information.
Certain security settings sometimes yielded perpetual 'Loading…' messages when a user was accessing a module that depended on another module which they didn’t have access to. For example they may have access to Child Check In, however not the Groups module. The Child Check In module depends on the Groups module for its functionality. We’ve implemented a fix to the system to limit this problem. In a few situations, you may need to log out and log back in to see the fix take effect—but only if you are experiencing this particular problem.
We made a small improvement to the font rendering for Windows users—hopefully everything is easier to read now!