Get an Up Close Look at IconCMO

If you have any questions or would like to set up an IconCMO church management software sales webinar presentation for your organization, please contact Icon Systems Sales at 1-800-596-4266 or email Please have a few dates and times available for your group so we can better serve you with a personalized webinar.

Disclaimer: During the webinar, Icon Systems Inc. will demonstrate how IconCMO is used for certain types of monetary transactions. However, it is the responsibility of each organization to interpret the given information correctly and/or seek the advice of a competent professional.

We highly recommend that you use a phone line for audio participation. USB headset and USB headphones connected to your computer are ok to use. We strongly discourage using speaker phone, microphone and speakers built in to your laptop. To download GoToWebinar's quick reference guide, please click here. To learn more about GoToWebinar, please click here.

Customer Testimonial

I never have to question whether or not I will get help with my questions when I contact Icon. Their service and support has always been phenomenal; a pretty rare thing when it comes to computers or software.

Mark A.
Dilworth Lutheran Church