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The Ultimate Management Solution for the Entire Denomination and its Churches.

IconCMO+ takes management to a new level. Literally. An extension to IconCMO, IconCMO+ pulls together meaningful data from churches and then presents it in a statistical format for use at the regional or district level. This allows you to accurately track and forecast revenue and expenses; develop a quick snapshot of the health of your organization; assess critical information such as number of active members, number of new marriages, baptisms and confirmations, average giving per weekend and much more. Providing statistical information to help you run your churches more effectively is what CMO+ is all about.

Key Features

  • Now, with IconCMO+, church leaders have the ability to obtain important information that is available at any time and always 100% current at the time the report or graph is presented.
  • Compiles easy-to-read graphs and charts that you choose and design, showing the information you require when making informed decisions about your churches.
  • A true fund accounting system is included which means that every church, as well as the head office, has access to an accounting system that has been reviewed by a major CPA firm for suitability of use. Our software meets FASB standards established for proper financial reporting by churches.
  • Monitor attendance levels at a single church or view trends by compiling the same information over the entire denomination.
  • With seamless, electronic communication you can share information much faster than standard mail and without the expense of creating letters, stamp costs, and other preparatory items.

IconCMO+ Quick Fact:

The only software of its kind. You may be wondering who else provides software with the features and functionality of IconCMO and IconCMO+. The answer, quite simply, is no one. Sure, some companies say they do. But their systems force each church to manually upload information from church computers to the Internet—a time‑consuming, error‑prone process. Only the combination of IconCMO and IconCMO+ makes information‑sharing between an organization and its churches a simple, seamless and therefore effortless process.