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Track the people in your church and keep in touch with them with powerful management tools for directories, groups, mass emails and texts, attendance, check-in and much more.



Track and increase donations with an advanced, featureful donations module. Record donations and funds accurately, implement online giving, track pledging, and print or email statements in a few clicks.

Church Fund


Maintain your church books and funds quickly and accurately with Icon Accounting. It's a full, professionally reviewed church fund accounting software designed specifically for churches and nonprofits so you can do church accounting the right way.

We give you all these church management software tools on fully web-based platforms. And, you can use a range of mobile options to work on any device.

Church Management Software Designed for New Opportunities


What if…

  • someone took all the hassle out of managing your church?
  • you had an all-in-one software solution that let you manage it from one place?
  • your church management software was in the cloud?
  • So you could work from home, on the road or at your favorite coffee shop and not have to worry about safeguarding backup discs or installing updates?
  • you had a question about your software and could easily get help from a live, knowledgeable human being?
  • you could quickly text a small group about a cancelled meeting?
  • members could update their own contact information and have secure access to an up-to-date pictorial directory online?
  • you could skip envelope stuffing, postage and supplies because you had software that let you send contribution statements via email and every contribution batch you posted was automatically recorded in the built-in accounting system?

What would you do with all the time and energy you saved?

Take the hassle, busywork time and limitations out of your ministry. Experience new freedom with a truly web-based, online ChMS (Church Management Software) that's available anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of our church management system so you can focus on the most important part of your ministry — the people you serve.

A Complete Church Management Software Package Designed for a Smooth, Effective Ministry

blue church — church software for any size organization

Discover the power of a meticulously designed, relational database.

  • Stay organized and secure.
  • Communicate clearly with your members.
  • Streamline your workflows.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your congregation.

We offer all-in-one church management software packages.

  • membership
  • contributions
  • small groups
  • communication
  • check-in
  • fund accounting
  • payroll

What Our Clients Say About Our Church Management Software and Service

We've been serving churches for over 20 years and appreciate all the wonderful clients that have made us a success.

                        IconCMO has helped us in many ways, from budgeting to managing our membership. I can’t imagine us being able to do all of the things we are now doing in our church without it.
                        For the first time, we can communicate accurate, timely financial information without our volunteer treasurer having to manually figure it out from an Excel spreadsheet. In fact, because of IconCMO we were able to spread her job across several different people, which lifted the enormous burden she was carrying.
                        It has also been a key factor in the success of our recent capital campaign and building remodel. We were able to consistently provide timely and transparent financial information; exactly what people wanted and needed to know. That made a huge difference.
                        Donations also increased during this period because the congregation understood the needs and how the money was being used.
                        Thank you for an excellent product and great support!"
~ John Buesseler, Steering Team President at Spirit of Grace
                        I have been working with IconCMO since 2006 and I recommend it to any church that needs to keep their financial records in order.
                        Upon my recommend my mother's church has adopted IconCMO and is appreciating the ease of use, especially since they've had to deal with using a temporary as they fill their financial officer position. This has saved them countless hours of work when the new person started so they didn't have to do any research or catching up of financial entries that needed to be made.
                        This year our church started a building campaign and IconCMO has helped us in monitoring, planning and providing reports which are needed by bankers, leasing agents and government agencies. We are so thankful to have this software as we plan and grow."
~ Vania Root, Crossroads Presbyterian Church

Church Management Software Products

Each church and religious organization has its own unique workflows and challenges. We meticulously design our products to be flexible and make your work easier.

We'll help you find the perfect setup for your organization, and our great support staff will work with you to learn how best to use the software to meet your needs.

Resources for Our Church Management Software and Much More

Over the years, our knowledgable staff have gathered a wealth of educational insight into blog posts, web pages, e-books and PDF guides.

Visit our church mangement software resources page for web pages, posts and printable materials on

  • Better decision making for Church leaders
  • Fundraising
  • Church accounting and fund accounting
  • Best practices for our software
  • Printable Brochures
  • Icon Systems Partners
and much more.