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About Icon Systems, Inc. - Church Software Provider

A countryside church with a lot of history, surround by fields and trees.

For years, Icon Systems has been developing high-quality software exclusively for non-profit religious organizations. The company was founded in 1992 by Robert Gifford, who previously headed research and development for Great Plains Software. Under his leadership, Great Plains Accounting and Dynamics, two highly popular accounting software systems in the for-profit industry, were created and eventually sold to Microsoft for over one billion dollars. Icon Systems’ software is currently used by thousands of churches globally. Since its founding, Icon Systems has become legendary for its commitment to high-quality products as well as outstanding service and support for our church management software.

Customer Testimonial

We’ve truly enjoyed our relationship with ICON Systems since purchasing Revelations in 1998. We appreciate that we're working with people, not just a company.

First Lutheran Church


  • '81

    Our founder and Great Plains: Robert “Bob” Gifford served as the Senior Vice President of Great Plains Accounting Software, where his work was key to the Dynamics Accounting Software product line, which later sold to Microsoft for 1.1 Billion dollars.

  • '92

    The seed is planted: After retiring from Great Plains, Bob Gifford found that his church needed a good church management sytem, so he began to design one.

  • '93

    Revelations is born: Gifford’s son Bill joins the development team, and Icon Systems releases its first product: Revelations.

  • '98

    Groundbreaking web development: We created our first web-based interactive dashboard that worked in conjunction with Revelations.

  • '03

    Web-based church system: IconCMO was the first fully cloud-based church management solution.

  • '05

    Web-based fund accounting system: a full, double entry accounting system with a General Ledger, AR, AP, and Banking.

  • '08

    IconCMO Payroll: We released payroll as an add-on to IconCMO’s fund accounting module.

  • '11

    Change in management: Bob retires and Bill takes over as the company's new CEO. Icon Systems remains privately owned.

  • '16

    The Icon Rubix platform: brings you our first check-in system and, in the innovative tradition of Icon System, brings the bleeding edge of technology to the church software market.

What makes our church software different?

  • IconCMO provides the largest feature set at the lowest cost, creating a value-driven solution for our customers.
  • Includes technical support that is unrivaled in the church software industry.
  • Unprecedented 99.99% IconCMO system uptime.
  • IconCMO was the first product on the market to provide a membership and donations system alongside a church accounting system for the mobile market (iPad and Android tablets).
  • Free training webinar sessions.
  • IconCMO is certified in the FAS 95 and 117 which are required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board for the fund accounting standards that all non-profit organizations need to follow.
  • Strategic partnerships with other non-profit solution providers to provide more flexibility, features, and solutions for you.

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