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Are Your Donation Receipts CRA Compliant?

Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), charitable donation receipts requirements:

  1. Name and address of the charity
  2. Unique serial/receipt number
  3. Registration number
  4. Electronic signature of charity
  5. CRA web address
  6. Name and address of the donor
  7. Date and amount of donation
  8. Any required descriptions

IconCMO online church management software meets these requirements.

[IconCMO is] great accounting software. It’s really easy to use. [They have] outstanding customer service and are always willing to cater to specific needs."

— Jasbir Warring of Sant Nirankari Mission in Canada

Choose the Church Management Software that's right for you.

IconCMO is an all-in-one package created specially for religious organizations. It helps with everything from storing contact information to sending contribution statements to balancing your checkbook.
IconCMO Plus
Do you manage multiple locations and need roll-up reporting? IconCMO Plus allows you to build tiers on top of IconCMO Standard databases so you can easily get accurate data at the regional or district level.




Organize names and important contact information. Record unlimited special events, manage groups and attendance.



Quickly and efficiently communicate with members through email and text messaging.



Manage envelopes, enter pledges, and record donations with unlimited contribution funds utilizing the calendar or fiscal year.


Fund Accounting

A full double entry fund accounting system including AR, AP and banking.


Roll-up Reporting

An extension is available for denominational or district offices to get graphs and roll-up reporting on all the churches in the organization.


Access & Security

Anytime, anywhere access with unlimited users with individualized security settings.

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Already using IconCMO?

Here's how you can use the CRA-compliant statement style:

  1. Go to Organization: Preferences: Church Membership.
  2. Enter a Starting Donation Receipt #.
  3. Save Defaults.
  4. Go to Contributions: Management: Contribution Statements.
  5. Choose the Statement Style called CRA Receipt.

Note: Customers in the US and other countries may also use this statement style by following the steps above; however, the statement style will be titled Split Receipt instead.