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Are Your Donation Receipts CRA Compliant?

To be compliant with requirements from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), charitable donation receipts require the following:

  1. Name and address of the charity
  2. Unique serial/receipt number
  3. Registration number
  4. Electronic signature of charity
  5. CRA web address
  6. Name and address of the donor
  7. Date and amount of donation
  8. Any required descriptions

IconCMO online church management software provides donation receipts that meet these requirements.

[IconCMO is] great accounting software. It’s really easy to use. [They have] outstanding customer service and are always willing to cater to specific needs."

— Jasbir Warring of Sant Nirankari Mission in Canada

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Already using IconCMO?

Here's how you can use the CRA-compliant statement style:

  1. Go to Organization: Preferences: Church Membership.
  2. Enter a Starting Donation Receipt #.
  3. Save Defaults.
  4. Go to Contributions: Management: Contribution Statements.
  5. Choose the Statement Style called CRA Receipt.

Note: Customers in the US and other countries may also use this statement style by following the steps above; however, the statement style will be titled Split Receipt instead.