Church Management Software For Big & Small Churches

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Church Management Software For Big & Small Churches

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Church Membership Software

Connect the church members and help out your church leaders.

Get To Know Your Members The Right Way

Understanding the people in your church is one of the most important church responsibilities. Church management software helps the staff to view relationships, groups, volunteers, emails and phone numbers, birthdays or baptisms, individual and household notes, store important individual documents, and so on. Operating a church without church management software (ChMS) would be like driving a car without a steering wheel.

Updating Member Records

Church management software allows staff and volunteers to enter and update member records for groups, attendance, spiritual gifts, donations, and member information. Churches rely heavily on their staff and volunteers to keep everything running smoothly. When there are many helpful volunteers and staff entering data, it keeps cost low for the church.

Communicating With Members

Church software allows leaders to create different list of people that share similar characteristics like age or marital status, then send mass email or text message communiques. Additionally, staff can send quarterly or monthly donation statements to their donors which in turn helps to increase donations, using their church software. Staying in touch with members and visitors more frequently can help drive a better and more engaged local church community.

Church accounting software provides balance sheets for credits and debits that is one of the modules in church management software. There is also a calculator, pen and clipboard.

Church Accounting & Payroll

IconCMO was built by Robert Gifford, who previously headed research and development for the popular Great Plains accounting software called, Dynamics.

Fund Accounting

IconCMO is a true fund accounting system that keeps your designated funds separate from the undesignated funds. What’s a true fund accounting system? It uses two levels of classification instead of one. A true fund accounting system, unlike a for-profit accounting system, uses debits/credits and a fund category for each transaction. Categorizing by two levels instead of one level shows the church members that the church is stewarding the monetary resources the way the donors have stipulated — ie designated or undesignated.

Creating Compliant Financial Statements

One click report generation is a necessity that ensures all your organization’s financial statements are FASB compliant. IconCMO accounting software was certified by a TOP 25 CPA firm and received an excellent rating for security and accounting standards compliance for churches. Don’t wait to find out during an audit that the church’s reports don’t meet FASB compliance. Additionally, not having accurate payroll reports to file IRS taxes can set the church back in time and money.

Complete Bookkeeping Solution

Does your current church software company use their own accounting software for their company’s accounting? Probably not, but at Icon Systems we use our own accounting software. Using the same accounting solution across multiple bookkeeping environments (nonprofit & for-profit) shows how robust and flexible the IconCMO accounting software system is. However, if church accounting is not your cup of tea, we also provide stress free church bookkeeping services to our clients using IconCMO’s accounting and payroll modules. The best part about the bookkeeping service is, we give the IconCMO church software free to the church!

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Mobile device shows the donate button along with currency types like credit card, coin, dollar, and gifts that church management software provides.

Church Giving Online

When giving is easy, people will donate — always make it as easy as possible.

Recurring Donations Increase Donations — Use Them Wisely

Did you know that recurring donors give 42% more than one-time donors? When the church allows recurring donations, the donors will respond. Recurring donations have two side benefits which are that the donation is always a consistent amount and it’s received on time. The church relies heavily on consistent donations.

Text To Give Donations via Mobile Devices

Mobile giving is growing quickly year over year. Text messaging open rates are as high as 98%. With that high of an open rate, the church should make the best ‘ask’, possible! When donors give via text, those donations are updated in the church management software easily, which saves time for the church staff or volunteers.

Fundraising Appeal via Email

Using consistent email communications is one way to encourage repeat donations or get donors to sign up for recurring donations. Email communication has the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel for churches. Team up with a system, like IconCMO, that can send out mass emails and increase your donations today!

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Church Communication Tools

Communication tools are essential for a church to operate in today’s technical environment.

Create Groups List Fast Then Email Them

With IconCMO’s comprehensive grid, IconCMO can create groups fast based on various data points in the member’s record. Once the small group is created, they can communicate important information like service cancellations, changes to events, weekly sermons, encouraging words from the pastor, and so on.

Stay On Top Of Donations Statements

Would the church like to send out donation statements more often than once per year, like quarterly or monthly? Would emailing statements reminding your donors where they are at in regards to their annual pledges in a more consistent manner help? If so, IconCMO can send donor statement via email easily and as often as you like. Sending these reminders is one of the best ways to increase donations and keeping the needs of the church in front of the donors’ eyes.

Mass Texting

Group emailing is great, but group texting is even better when it comes to speed. Another benefit to texting is the open rates are higher than emailing. IconCMO texting works hand in hand with the church member group list. After a group is created using IconCMO’s grid, IconCMO can help you send these text messages and church members can react faster when the need arises.

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Church Management Reporting

Ensure entered data appears correctly on reports and graphs.

Donor Statements & Giving Reports

Donor statements must be right every time since these are part of the donor’s tax return. Building a trusting relationship with your donors starts with accurate donation statements for their IRS tax returns. When donor statements are wrong, it can financially harm donors when filing their taxes. An incorrect donation statement, in turn, decreases donations the next year to the church. Get them right with IconCMO, every time!

Accounting & Budget Reports

Accounting reports, like donor statements, must be above reproach in regards to accuracy and transparency. Church software must create accounting reports that show the church’s financial statements by fund so that they are FASB compliant. By showing monetary resources by fund, it helps the church leaders to understand how their various missions, ministries, and other organizational objectives are being met while staying on budget.

Membership Reports

Church membership reports show trends in the church’s members like how many new visitors, how many people are leaving, increases or decreases in church attendance, and so on. IconCMO can produce standard reports or the staff can use IconCMO’s comprehensive grid to create a custom report or export the data for further analysis.