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Today, the ELCA denomination makes up the largest percentage of our clients. Icon Systems has spent an extensive amount of time over the last 20+ years learning about the ELCA denomination and its software and organizational needs. We have worked with Augsburg Fortress and the ELCA ChurchWide headquarters in Chicago to develop a product that meets the needs of ELCA churches. We've also worked with over 16 Synods over the years and even have 8 of them as clients using software specifically designed for the Synod offices.

What have we done for the ELCA?

  1. We designed a product capable of storing all the necessary information that appears on the ELCA Parochial report.
  2. The ELCA Parochial report can be printed directly from the software.
  3. We formed a partnership with Vanco Services to execute seamless integration of electronic donations directly into our software.
  4. We based the product design almost entirely on suggestions from our ELCA clients.

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  1. IconCMO provides the largest feature set at the lowest cost, creating a value-driven solution for our customers.
  2. The free trial allows you to review a real product with sample information. You decide whether or not IconCMO will meet your needs.
  3. Save money and time. The ability to do mass emailing of newsletters, bulletins and even contribution statements allows the church to save time and money on
    • Postage stamps
    • Paper
    • Ink
    • Folding
    • Stuffing envelopes
    • Emailing Individuals
    • Updating contact lists
    • Many other tasks

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We’ve truly enjoyed our relationship with ICON Systems since purchasing Revelations in 1998. We appreciate that we're working with people, not just a company.

First Lutheran Church

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