IconCMO vs Breeze

Module IconCMO Breeze
Membership check check
Groups check check
Mass Communication check check
Contributions check check
Attendance check check
Event Registration* check check
Check-in* check check
Accounting check do_not_disturb_alt
Banking check do_not_disturb_alt
Accounts Payable check do_not_disturb_alt
Accounts Receivable check do_not_disturb_alt
Payroll* check do_not_disturb_alt
Reports check check
Automated Backups check check
Unlimited Users (no additional $) check check
Free Training / Tutorial Videos check check

* Items are included with your IconCMO account for an additional cost.

We include a full accounting package.

Why pay for several different software packages when you only need one? IconCMO includes the use of accounts payable, accounts receivable, check writing and the entire accounting module. Payroll can also be included for an additional charge. You can print all the reports you need relating to your finances, without having to switch between software and pay twice the price!

Our accounting system links seamlessly with the rest of the system. With IconCMO you can track your accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and contributions and link them all into your accounting!

While Breeze certainly has the ability to track your contributions, you still have to enter the amounts in yet another software/spreadsheet (or two) just to come up with some sort of financial reports that your church board or council members will certainly want to see.

IconCMO has a lower base rate, even though it comes with an accounting package.

If using Breeze, your church will have to have something else to do book keeping, like QuickBooks. Quickbooks' most popular plan is $35.00/month. Added to Breeze's monthly rate, that's $85.00/month.

You could have up to 1000 families in your IconCMO database and still pay only $84/month ($77/month if paying annually). That's with an accounting system that integrates with your membership and contributions and saves you time having to re-enter donation deposits. Churches saving fewer families on their database will save quite a bit more.

Fund accounting done right!

Don’t risk your 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Just because it’s easy does not make it compliant. IconCMO knows the importance of fund accounting, having accurate accounting records and providing the reports required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

All organizations, for-profit or not, need accurate bookkeeping and accounting software to avoid negative consequences like fines, a damaged reputation, and even closing. These repercussions tend to be magnified for nonprofit organizations; they face losing their tax-exempt status and credibility, which can prove devastating since the general public tends to hold churches and nonprofits to higher standards.

One-on-one training!

IconCMO has a lot to offer and we’re ready to provide you training on a one-on-one basis. You can set up demos and training calls where we can share our screen with you to show you how to accomplish what you need! Or simply call into our office and you will get a support technician to answer the phone – no outsourcing, no automation, no menus – a real-live knowledgeable individual located at our office in Moorhead, MN. We’re happy to help!

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