The login link on the church website will offer several benefits.
  • The title at the top of the browser will reflect the church’s name on the login page.
  • The church logo will be used instead of the IconCMO logo. This logo can be uploaded on the information page inside the IconCMO application.
  • The phone number will autofill with the church phone number.
  • church name will appear above the phone number instead of IconCMO.

Use of Login Link

The login link will be specified exactly as we designate with no additional advertisements, variables or other unspecified items. The link must use the entire browser. It must not be opened inside an iFrame or other sub-window. Credit in the form of an HTML tag will be given to Icon Systems. This should be listed as “Powered by IconCMO”. The URL specified must be


Please put the following code on your website, carefully replacing the phone number below with the phone number for your church's database.

<a href='' target='_blank'>Church Staff Login</a>

Below is an example link called "Church Staff Login". When clicked you will see a mock up of the login for the church members in a new screen.

Church Staff Login Powered by Icon Systems

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us at or (218) 236-1899.