API Web Services

The IconCMO Web Services (also called the IconCMO API, or application programming interface) gives you maximum flexibility and power by allowing you direct read/write access to information stored in IconCMO from your own customer solutions or third-party software.

With IconCMO Web Services, you can…

  • Integrate data from IconCMO into your web site. We offer some sample software that you can download and install directly into your web site or adapt to your own needs. These include:
    • An online church pictorial directory, including easy customization to match your existing web site and optional Facebook links. Using our API, it is always up-to-date!
    • An online events calendar that can display your church's schedule, updated centrally from IconCMO.
    • Anything you want! Either start from scratch or use our code as a starting point to design solutions customized to your needs.
  • Access data from IconCMO and send data to IconCMO using third-party products. If they don't yet support IconCMO's Web Services, ask them to!
  • Create your own software applications on any platform with any programming language to access up-to-date church information directly from IconCMO.

Developers & Partners

Are you a developer? Do you or your company develop software for churches? Do you have experience developing for the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry? Do you specialize in custom reporting? We would love to have you develop solutions using IconCMO's Web Services. Please contact us for more information and a developer's account, or simply visit the IconCMO Developer Center. (The Developer Center can also be accessed directly through IconCMO.)

We are also looking for partners in the web-based church software industry who are interested in integrating their software using IconCMO Web Services. Please contact us to pursue this opportunity.

We don't yet have API calls for every part of IconCMO, but we will add new ones based on interest from our customers and developers interested in using IconCMO Web Services.