IconCMO Pricing

Church Size Monthly Price (US dollars) OR Annual Price (US dollars)
1-100 families 35 OR 385
101-250 families 49 OR 539
251-500 families 59 OR 649
501-750 families 74 OR 814
751-1000 families 84 OR 924

If your congregation is over 1000 families, we'd like to meet the specific needs of your church. Please give us a call at (800) 596‐4266.
Payroll is the only module that costs extra in addition to your base price. The price of Payroll will not be changing at this time.


Church Size Monthly Price (US dollars) OR Annual Price (US dollars)
Any size 25 OR 275

Data Storage

Data Stored Monthly Price (US dollars)
0 — 20MB Free
20MB — 100MB 5
Each additional 100MB +2

What's Included?


...all for a single package price. There are no setup fees.


IconCMO gives you outstanding value for a low price.

Small to large organizations can save money using IconCMO! Want to know how much IconCMO can save you? Check out the following scenario and apply it to your own organization to realize the savings.

We at Icon Systems understand churches want to be good stewards of their resources. That is why we develop software that is value-driven and delivers a Return On Investment (ROI) while being competitively priced. Read more about what our president says about church software providing an ROI.

Why do our prices beat the competitors?

  • We don't pay our sales team a commission for sales.
  • We focus on building a great product, not on advertising.
  • We build software that just works.
  • We don't use third-party vendors that incur additional licensing fees for the end user.
  • We use an efficient technical support model.
  • We have had extremely high up-time. Ask us to show you our downtime reports via email!
  • We've built advanced tools that allow us to develop software quickly.
  • We don't use outside revenue sources to fund Icon Systems.
  • Our price is by household count and not member or attendee count.

Call us to discuss any of the above in more detail.


Convert data from your previous system.

We can often save our new clients time and money by converting and importing their existing data. Because every church has different needs and every system stores and organizes information differently, each conversion needs to be made on an individual, customized basis. Call us for more information and pricing to see if data conversion is right for your church.

See our blog posts on data conversions.


For Multi-Site Churches

IconCMO+ was developed for multisite churches, district offices, churches with schools, and denominational head quarters.

Learn more about this comprehensive package! For customized IconCMO+ pricing to meet your specific needs, contact our sales department at (800)596-4266.