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The ultimate management solution for the entire denomination and its churches

IconCMO+ takes management to a new level. Literally. An extension to IconCMO, IconCMO+ pulls together meaningful data from churches and then presents it in a statistical format for use at the regional or district level. This allows you to accurately track and forecast revenue and expenses, develop a quick snapshot of the health of your organization, assess critical information such as number of active members, number of new marriages, baptisms and confirmations, average giving per weekend and much more. IconCMO+ is all about providing statistical information to help churches run more effectively. We make information‑sharing between an organization and its churches a simple, seamless and therefore effortless process. Many multi-site management systems force each church to manually upload information from church computers to the Internet — a time-consuming, error-prone process. With IconCMO+, you NEVER have to worry about uploading and syncing information because it is done automatically for you.

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