Child Check In


Know Your Children’s Allergies

Rubix gives the ability to keep track of medical allergies and other related information like parental custody.


Check in Children by Guardian

Church staff and volunteers can check children in or out, simply by clicking on the guardian’s name for the parent.


Mobile Friendly

Church staff can contact the parents immediately using the phone link for each guardian, when problems arise.


One Screen, Multiple Church Groups

Church staff can use one check-in screen to combine check-in for multiple church groups into one event.


Child Notes for Each Event

Give staff the ability to enter notes for each child and the event they attended.

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Recent Rubix Announcements

We have added an option to print Volunteer labels from the Check-in window.
At your request we have added guardian phone numbers to the check-in label and adjusted font-size.
We've done some work to add detail to the documentation for the Child Check In module. Please let us know how else we can improve our documentation!
We've increased the check-in label size from 2.4x1.8" to 2.4x4" to better support both mobile and desktop printing. Group and check-in time have also been added to the label.
The ability to search for church members in the child check in window was added. Many times the church groups are quite large for any given Sunday School, Adult Study, and so on. Implementing a searchable member drop-down for the church users or staff was needed. Reminder: The child check in window can be used for adult study groups, council meetings, or whatever you may need to keep attendance on for a church group.