A Special Invitation for Unitarian Universalist Churches

For over 20 years, Icon Systems has been developing software exclusively for churches and religious organizations. Icon Systems offers multiple church management software packages that will meet the needs of any religious organization - from church plants to denominational offices.

We've added many custom features to make IconCMO friendly to Unitarian Universalist congregations.

  1. Customize the list of genders available in the membership records. The system includes “male” and “female” by default, and you can add as many options to this list as you’d like. A popular choice is “unspecified” for those individuals who prefer not to identify with a particular gender.
  2. Easily input households with different last names e.g. a married couple named William Audette and Liz Christianson
  3. Print directories that accommodate households with different last names. See examples here.
  4. Personalize the letter at the end of the contribution statements. This enhancement allows you to insert a merge field for "Salutation" which will show up on the screen like this --> {Salutation}. When the statements are created (either printed or emailed), the {Salutation} would be replaced with the person's name. This works for either household or member envelopes. Here's an example: "Dear {Salutation}," would be changed to "Dear John and Mary Smith," on their statement, whereas the next statement would be "Dear Jimmy Toole,". If the Salutation is missing on the household or member record, the system will attempt to create the salutation from the first and last name fields for you. Each statement style will do this for the user no matter which options they may choose e.g. Given, Not Given, Pledged.

Try us out!

  1. IconCMO provides the largest feature set at the lowest cost, creating a value-driven solution for our customers.
  2. The free trial allows you to review a real product with sample information. You decide whether or not IconCMO will meet your needs.
  3. Save money and time. The ability to do mass emailing of newsletters, bulletins and even contribution statements allows the church to save time and money on
    • Postage stamps
    • Paper
    • Ink
    • Folding
    • Stuffing envelopes
    • Emailing Individuals
    • Updating contact lists
    • Many other tasks

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