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Paperless Transactions Partnership

IconCMO Church Software Forges Partnership with Paperless Transaction Corporation for Check Scanning

Moorhead, MN, December 10, 2012 - Churches always appreciate donations. But processing checks can be a painstaking job that costs money and a lot of time. And it's easy to make mistakes while processing checks. We can help.

Icon Systems, Inc. has partnered with Paperless Transaction Corporation to provide churches with a check scanning solution commonly called Remote Data Capture (RDC).

Paperless Transactions provides churches with all the necessary tools to scan checks on-site and transmit them for processing. It's a three-step process from data capture to posting in the IconCMO donation and accounting solutions.

How does it work?

  1. Scan the checks using the Paperless Transactions solution.
  2. Import the scanned data into IconCMO's donation solution for review.
  3. Post the batch in IconCMO's donation module, which will auto post it into the church's accounting solution.

The seamless process from data capture to the church's accounting system eliminates time, cost and errors, giving ministries more time to focus on what matters - people!

RDC Advantages

  1. Saves time by removing the re-keying of the transactions into the donation system.
  2. Reduces errors from the scanned check into the donation system.
  3. Reduces the need to transport checks or pay carrier services to deliver them to the bank.
  4. The solution can be deployed at multiple sites using multiple scanners at each location.
  5. Ability to drill down to individual transactions to review or correct data.
  6. Keep historical data for scanned checks for researching at a later time.
  7. Reduce processing time by using MICR data matching for past donors.
  8. All of the data is stored in a PCI, SAS 70, HIPPA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant environment for the client.

If you would like to read more about RDC benefits, please read "Key Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture for Non-Profit".

In addition to check scanning, Paperless Transactions also incorporates mobile, email, and online donations into their solution. So now churches can have one place to process any type of transaction. For example, churches can send a mass email where people can donate to a one-time fundraiser. All of these payment methods are imported into IconCMO from Paperless Transaction's aggregate system.

You can watch a quick video of the RDC, review the RDC solution in PDF format, or register for a live demo at this website!

Churches interested in any of Paperless Transactions' solutions can contact Patrick Moraw - VP, Sales and Marketing at or call 972-830-3008 to get the best solution for their organization along with pricing details.

About Paperless Transaction Corporation

Paperless Transaction Corporation ( (through their Push2Pay ONLINE, FACEBOOK, and MOBILE Giving & Event Registration Tools) works with several thousand non-profits around the country in handling all of their contributions. A brief background on Paperless-they've been in the payment processing business since 1998. For the last 6+ years they've been very active (almost exclusively) working in the non-profit market to set churches, ministries, and traditional non-profits up with the ability to process credit cards, check cards, ACH/EFT, and Check 21 transactions.

About Icon Systems, Inc.

Icon Systems, Inc. ( has been a leader in the church management system industry for nearly 20 years, developing high-quality software exclusively for religious organizations from church plants to denominational offices. The company continues to enhance its cloud-based church management software with new features to meet the ongoing administrative and communication needs of the churches it serves. Icon Systems has three prominent offerings: 1) IconCMO - a web-based church management solution that meets the needs of individual churches, 2) IconCMO+ - a web-based multisite church management solution for multisite churches and churches with denominational offices on the local, national, and international level, and 3) Revelations - a single user or network-based church management software package. Icon Systems has a deep software engineering heritage that has enabled its products to achieve unprecedented performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.