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Android Web App

Icon Systems Releases the Android Web App for IconCMO

Moorhead, MN, August 22nd, 2011 - Icon Systems has released the first, completely functioning church software that includes membership, contributions, fund accounting, payroll, small groups, attendance, and gifts on the Android Operating System for the tablet market. We felt it important to release the full system for the tablet market and not just a "lite" or "slimmed" down version that only shows demographical information.

Why did we decide to do this for our clients? The iPad with 15 million sold in 11 months is the fastest selling technology hardware device in history - EVER. We believe tablets (Androids, iPads, etc.) will eventually replace the laptop for a majority of the population. Secondly, the mobile devices adhere to our motto of "Anytime, Anywhere" access.

When software companies use the right technology:

  1. it shows innovation.
  2. speed of development is increased.
  3. agility of management to change direction of development is dramatically increased.
  4. you will see the true leaders in the industry.

About Icon Systems, Inc.

Icon Systems, Inc. ( has been a leader in the church management system industry for nearly 20 years, developing high-quality software exclusively for religious organizations from church plants to denominational offices. The company continues to enhance its cloud-based church management software with new features to meet the ongoing administrative and communication needs of the churches it serves. Icon Systems has three prominent offerings: 1) IconCMO - a web-based church management solution that meets the needs of individual churches, 2) IconCMO+ - a web-based multisite church management solution for multisite churches and churches with denominational offices on the local, national, and international level, and 3) Revelations - a single user or network-based church management software package. Icon Systems has a deep software engineering heritage that has enabled its products to achieve unprecedented performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.