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Manage Families

Track contact and other personal information for both households and individuals. Automatically create individual records as new households are entered.

Visitation Management

Use the visitation screen to assign visitor follow-ups to a leader of the church. Schedule pastoral visits for individuals, families and more.

Outreach and Follow-Up

Manage outreach and follow-up for an entire household in one spot.

Online Picture Directory

A complete church picture directory you can easily customize to match the church's existing web site or LiveEdit's custom church website designs.

Remember Special Events

Record an unlimited number of special events such as birthdays, baptisms, marriages, graduations, etc.

Take and Review Notes

Record notes while the conversation is still fresh in your mind. Create a reminder to follow up later.

Membership Graphs

Visual representations of membership, attendance, family relationships, age demographics and more.

Archive Households or Individuals

Maintain historical data with the exclusive archiving module that reduces the cost for the IconCMO church software package.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to record allergies, emergency contact information and more.

Group Management

Create various groups: choirs, ushers, church boards, committees, staff members, etc.

Track Group Attendance

Take and track attendance for any group.

Send Unlimited Emails

Quickly and efficiently send email messages with an attachment to individuals or groups. Assign any IconCMO group to one of your Constant Contact lists, or even create a new CC list from an IconCMO group.

Send Text Messages

Send unlimited text messages directly to member's cell phones to quickly update them when plans change.

Track Talents and Spiritual Gifts

Easily organize member talents and spiritual gifts so the church knows who can help out when various needs arise.

Real Time Attendance

Maintain accurate church attendance records for multiple services and events; by individual, total head count, or both.

Stay Connected

Send a welcome message to new members or email a Bible study recap.

Email History

Review past emails to the church's members and download past attachments or content of the email.

Online Giving

Accept, track, and view reports for electronic tithing or online donations easily through Vanco Payment Solutions.

Print Contribution Statements

Print contribution statements and address labels - multiple styles are available to fit your needs.

Import Contributions

Import contributions from a text file in a comma-delimited (CSV) or tab-delimited format.

Email Contribution Statements

Contribution statements can be sent electronically to participating households and/or individuals. Various statement style are available.

Add Comments to Contributions

Add comments to individual contribution entries that can be included in contribution statements.

Envelope Management

Easily assign envelope numbers to households or individuals and print reports or labels.

Link to Fund Accounting

Automatically create general ledger entries in the fund accounting system by linking contribution funds to accounting funds and accounts. This saves vast amounts of time while helping to avoid data errors that can lead to reconciliation issues.

Pledge Management

Enter pledges by fund to determine a proposed budget and manage expenses for each fund, including multi-year funds.

Fund Management

Easily create and manage any number of partial-year, full-year, and multi-year funds.

Fiscal Year

Track contribution funds by fiscal year to determine if your church's financial goals are being met.

Reports & Graphs

An extensive set of financial reports and graphs are available to compare pledges and contributions.

Historical Data

Retain unlimited contribution records for historical purposes and compare funds to other years.

Complete Budgeting System

Create a church budget for each fund to manage revenues & expenses effortlessly. Compare the actual revenue & expenses to the budget.

Quickly Make Changes

Reclassify an expense, adjust a budget, or fund assignement and re-run updated reports for everyone, even during the course of a council meeting.

Checkbook Management

Manage multiple funds within a single bank account and track credit card expenses by fund.


Write checks, make deposits, and reconcile checkbook activity for churches using a cash-based accounting method.

Accounts Receivable

Manage an unlimited number of customers by creating lists, invoices, recording payments, and printing deposit slips.

Accounts Payable

Create a list of vendors and enter invoices so you can easily view and pay bills for churches that use accrual based church accounting.

Easy Payroll Setup

Identify expense and liability accounts to be used and configure witholding tables and rate cards for each employee.

Automatic Calculations for Witholding

Federal and state witholding table lookups and other number crunching using the automatic payroll witholding calculator.

Tax Table Updates

IconCMO updates tax tables as they become available.

File and Pay Taxes

Generate reports to assist with filing W2 and 941 forms on government websites. Print checks for paying tax liabilities.


Reports are compliant with the Financial Accounting Standards Board reporting standards No. 95 and No. 117.


IconCMO was reviewed by a Top 25 national CPA firm in the USA for security and adherence to accounting standards for churches.

Reports By Fund

Complete financial reporting organized by fund including Balance Sheets as well as Revenue and Expense Reports.

Various Report Types

Household and member reports, labels, directories, statements, pledges/contributions, GL, AR, AP and Payroll reports.

Multiple Output Choices

View and print a comprehensive selection of standard reports in either PDF, Excel, or HTML format.

Secure Member Access

Church members can access a secure website to verify and update personal information using the church's self service module.

Unlimited User Access

Allow an unlimited number of users to access the data.

Multi-Level User Access

Individual users are assigned Read-Write, Read Only, or No Access to each screen to ensure strict confidentiality.

Data Backup

Your data is backed up automatically every night by our secure servers at two different locations in the United States.

Application Programmer's Interface (API)

Access the church's data stored in IconCMO from your own custom church solution or third-party software.

Drag 'n Drop Website Integration

LiveEdit allows churches to have an easy drag 'n drop interface to update their website (incl mobile) and link to IconCMO.

Background Checks

Obtain background information from SecureSearch when recruiting staff and volunteers.

Charity Auctions

Raise money in a way that gives back to everyone involved with Community Auction Services for churches and non-profits.

Online Giving

Accept, track, and view reports for electronic tithing or online donations easily through Vanco Payment Solutions.

Email Marketing

Export email lists to Constant Contact for access to professional templates, personalization features, and email statistics.

Contact People Instantly

Goodbye calling trees! Reach your congregation via phone or text messages in minutes using a seamless integration between IconCMO contact lists and Call-Em-All.

Document Solutions

Professionally designed checks and forms by Dynamic Systems.

Android & iPad Web App

A full version of the IconCMO church software can be accessed on the iPad & Android tablets.

Online Event Calendar

Display the calendar on your church website. Events are automatically updated from IconCMO.

Volunteer Coordination

Manage church volunteer registration, schedules, and reminders easily using VolunteerSpot.


Manage church sermon podcasts using MediaFusion by UpperRoom Technologies and allow others to view podcasts on your church's website.

Check Scanning for Import

Paperless Transaction allows churches to scan checks and accept online, mobile, and email donations.

Easy-to-follow Setup Guides

Easy-to-follow Membership, Contributions, Fund Accounting and Payroll Setup Guides.

Unlimited Technical Support

Unlimited technical support via phone, email and support forum.

Support Forum

Get access to instructional videos and thousands of questions and answers.

Helpful Videos

We have a number of helpful videos for learning how to use IconCMO, including complete webinars. Find them on YouTube.

Customized Reporting

Create custom reports using the Applications Programmer's Interface or use IconCMO's interface to create your own reports.