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The Rubix Advantage



We’ve designed every last part of Rubix church software to work as seamlessly on your mobile devices as it does on your desktop computer. No need for a separately downloaded application.


Realtime & Collaboration

Everything you and others do is instantly available to everyone. We’ve removed the need for window refreshing and save buttons and at the same time increased communication and flexibility.


Time & Investment

Finally, a church system that gives results with little time invested. Expensive hardware is not required and new staff and volunteers can learn it quickly. Additionally, users can get meaningful results with little data input effort.

A Superior System

The goals of the Icon Rubix were set high after speaking with church leaders in the community. Armed with their feedback, we developed a superior system.

  • We developed a system that has a limited hardware investment, real time collaboration, and unprecedented flexibility.
  • We weren’t satisfied with just having a cloud based system, but creating one that allows real time team collaboration and innovation. Our users see changes as they happen from other church staff or volunteers.

Church Mobile Software

Rubix was built from the ground up to work on mobile—first! With that in mind, you don't need a separate application download to work on mobile devices. Bring your own device! The church doesn't have to invest in a lot of hardware to set up child check in, contribution entry, and other tasks. This also helps with development speed as there isn’t two or more sets of code to maintain for each type of device.

Church Donations

Quickly and easily entering donations allows for good stewardship of the church's resources. Countless hours of entering donor's contributions is over! Icon Rubix church software makes entering and correcting donation records fast and easy, and you see immediate results on any user's screen.

Church Membership

People in a church are what makes your organization great! Having their information at your pastors' and staff member's fingertips, using any device, is what makes Rubix church software awesome. Using an architecture never seen before in the church software industry, it's the best solution on the market for churches.

Pastors can

  • communicate with anyone
  • know a member's life event history
  • know what groups a member belongs to
  • look up an individual's attendance

Church Groups

Small church groups are very important to many churches. It's in these groups that a lot of individual growth happens and fellowship is strengthened. Church members are seeking real authentic group involvement with others. Rubix church management software helps the church organize these groups, provides check in ability for any group – adult or children – and communication to the group's members.

Church Communication

Communicating to church members is essential to pastors, staff, and volunteers in all operational areas. Icon Rubix church management software allows you to send emails to church groups and individuals. The pastor can initiate phone calls from any individual's record. If you get our Icon Check-in module, your childcare staff can call parents from the child check-in screen.


Print reports in a number of ways. Select the columns from the list menus and print the result. (This is very helpful when you need something fast and quick.) Or, use the pre-made reports for membership, child check-in, and contributions. Each report has criteria. You'll also find labels and directories.

Link to Icon Accounting

Icon Rubix links seamlessly with the Icon Accounting system — a full double entry fund accounting software for your church books. You can import your donations from Rubix, saving time and possible errors from re-enetering information more than once. And our system does non-profit, fund-based accounting the right way.


FASB Compliant

Reports are compliant with the Financial Accounting Standards Board reporting standards No. 95 and No. 117.



IconCMO was reviewed by a Top 25 national CPA firm in the USA for security and adherence to accounting standards for churches.



Icon Systems takes security seriously. We keep your data safe by using secure, up-to-date data transmission and storage methods.

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Recent Rubix Announcements

Contribution Statements Notes Added

Module: Reports
When a donation has a note entered, the contribution statements will include it the statement. This is helpful for non cash donations, recording of stocks, or memorials.

Event Registration

Module: Church Membership
We have added the ability to collect an emergency phone number when people are registering for the "Assigned Ticket" type of events. With this change we included the emergency phone number on the event registration report. Additionally you can view it within the event for each person.


Module: Donations
  • 'Date Entered' column is added to the Donation batch list. This column will display when the donation was added to the batch.
  • 'Donations Batch Report' is now sorted by fund name, given date, donor name and given amount.
  • 'Status' filter is added to the Donor Number List report.


Module: Church Membership
We have added the option to print a single label from the household and individual screens.

Event Registration

Module: Church Membership
Added a registration report that can be used to mark people as they come in. The report is found on the event registration screen once someone registers.