Church Membership


Know Your People

Know their important contact information, family relations, notes, and small groups.


Remember Life Events

Record life events such as birthdays, baptisms, marriages, etc.


Manage Church Small Groups

Communicate with and take attendance for church groups such as choir, ushers, committees, and education classes.


Track Spiritual Gifts

Easily organize church member gifts and know who can help when various needs arise.


Church Attendance

Easily take attendance by individual photo for events.


Store Individual Demographics

The church can store member statuses, genders, adulthood/childhood, grade, relationships, and guardians—all in one screen.


Individual Pictures

Effortlessly add photos for each person using your mobile device or other source. Pictures are used during child check-in.


Individual and Family Notes

Enter and update notes for each individual or family on the same screen.

Church Communication


Send Unlimited Emails

Communicate quickly and efficiently by sending emails to individuals or groups. Easily send other communiques like sermon service notes or event cancellations.


Email History & Audit

Review a list of emails that have been sent to church members and when they were sent.



Church Contribution Funds

Create, manage, and apply contributions to any number of funds easily.


Print Contribution Statements

Print contribution statements using membership statuses and date ranges.


Contribution Historical Data

Retain unlimited contribution records for historical purposes and compare contribution funds.

Church Reporting



View and print a comprehensive selection of standard reports for members, birthdays, and contributions.



Print a directory for your church members at any time that includes address, phones, and emails.



Need to mail out a letter? No problem with the ability to print out labels for each household.

Church Mobile


Bring Your Own Device

With access from anytime, anywhere church staff and volunteers can use any device that has an internet connection.


Android & Ipad Web App

Icon Rubix church software was implemented from day one to be completely mobile without any extra applications and set up. It will work on any device with an internet connection.



Unlimited User Access

An unlimited number of users can access the data. Rubix church software supports simultaneous user operation and multiple window viewing and updating for users.


Multi Level with Data Layer User Access

Individual users are assigned Read-Write, Read Only, or No Access to each screen to ensure strict confidentiality. Additionally certain modules have dependencies on access to others.



Icon Systems takes system security seriously. We keep your data safe by using secure, up-to-date data transmission and storage methods included with the system.

Child Check In


Know Your Children’s Allergies

Rubix gives the ability to keep track of medical allergies and other related information like parental custody.


Check in Children by Guardian

Church staff and volunteers can check children in or out, simply by clicking on the guardian’s name for the parent.


Mobile Friendly

Church staff can contact the parents immediately using the phone link for each guardian, when problems arise.


One Screen, Multiple Church Groups

Church staff can use one check-in screen to combine check-in for multiple church groups into one event.


Child Notes for Each Event

Give staff the ability to enter notes for each child and the event they attended.

Church Groups


Unlimited Groups

Staff and volunteers can make an unlimited number of groups or kids, adults or committees.


Group Attendance

The child check-in screen works in conjunction with groups to take attendance for any group.

Recent Rubix Announcements

We updated the main software architecture, that encompassed several changes to the older code for the change over.
We made all the reports use the same consistent naming convention for people's names. This also affected a few screens like the donation window to make the screen's verbiage read better.
We have implemented an automated system wide error reporting management system for users. When an error occurs on the system, the development team is notified of the error. This enables us to start working on an error fix and ensure the highest quality software possible.
We've changed the way the reports are requested from the server to ensure more browser support and the reports work better. This was completed in the 'list' screens, report's main screen, and on the child check in window for the report and labels. Additionally we found a few reports not sorting correctly and fixed them.
We have relabelled 'Communications' to Emails and 'Events' to Check-Ins.