Easy Church Fund Accounting

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This four part series will cover the following: Explanation of Funds, Chart of Account (COA), and double entry accounting. An analogy using a family instead of funds. (Read on for Part One) How tagging transactions with funds helps reporting and ensures compliance with government regulations. (Part Two) Applying funds (tagging) and COAs to a church […]

Year End Processing : Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2013


If your fiscal year is not on a calendar year, the next most popular fiscal year is July 1st through June 30th. There are steps you need to take in the system once your new fiscal year starts. Year End Processing Guide The Year End Process Guide provides step by step instructions to prepare your […]

Happy New Year from Icon Systems!

Recap of 2012 from Icon Systems Church Management Software

It has been an awesome year here at Icon Systems! We thought it would be nice to wrap it up with some highlights from throughout 2012. We published not one, but two FREE e-books Fund Accounting for Church Leadership Recording and Increasing Church Donations We made a lot of updates to IconCMO. Here are just […]

Do you know which accounting method is right for you? Bonus: FREE 15 minute crash course on accounting methods

Back to school: accounting methods videos

When I took accounting in college, one of my fellow students asked the instructor why we had to complete our homework assignments by hand. After all, it is the 21st century; everyone just uses accounting software now! The wise accounting instructor rebutted by explaining that we need to understand how to do accounting with a […]